Hello!  Welcome to my silly little blog about my kitchen mishaps, triumphs, loves and adventures.  It’s meant to be a neat and tidy way of keeping track of my not so neat and tidy doings in the kitchen;  A blog to record the things I learn, document my growth (hopefully), and serve as a reference for my feeble brain/memory and anyone else who happens to come along and find it helpful too.  Its name is meant to convey some of my sentiments about making and eating food:

oh crumb!      An exclamation of adoration for all things implied by the word crumb – cake, cookies, bread…any delicious morsel of food, really.

oh crumb!    An exclamation of dismay or alarm when one realizes one has made a mistake.  This usually happens at least once every time I make something.  And well, fairly often in my life in general.  How anything good ever manages to emerge from my hands is beyond me.  It’s a good reminder to me of God’s grace in my life.

A treat all to myself is not nearly as sweet as experiencing it with someone else, so please join me as I bumble, laugh, learn and eat my way through the kitchen and life!



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