Roasted Cabbage Wedges + Spicy Lime Dressing

Vegetables are delicious, but sometimes the prep trips me up and I don’t eat them.  Case in point – I have a monster bag of green beans sitting in my fridge right now that seemed like a really great idea when I first laid eyes on the beckoning green piles at the supermarket.  So fresh!  On sale!  But every time I think about trimming the ends of each and every bean in that bag, I kind of shrink away from the shelf they’re sitting on and mutter something to myself about finishing leftovers first.

These cabbage wedges involve minimal work – just peel off the outer layers of the cabbage, cut into wedges, and stuff them in the oven for 20 minutes (or put them on a grill for even less time).  The dressing might be a tad more involved if you don’t have a food processor or mini-chopper, but overall this dish is quick, easy and requires little cleanup.

I used a head of cabbage labeled “taiwan cabbage” that had been sitting in my fridge for a while (man, cabbage has an amazingly long shelf life). I’m not a cabbage connoisseur, so I don’t really know what the differences between different types are, but this one was kind of like a flattened sphere (like a donut peach), and had white leaves.  The leaves seemed more tender compared to those of the typical cabbages you see in American grocery stores.  Or maybe they were just really, uh, wilted since it had been sitting in my fridge for so long…

Roasted cabbage is slightly sweet in flavor, and pleasantly tender yet still a bit crunchy throughout in texture.  I’m quite taken by its ruffly/lacy browned edges.  The sauce here is  flavorful and bright.  I’ll probably be drizzling it over everything I eat the next few days.  I used cilantro this time, but think it would be great with mint too.

Happy fiber-eating!  Let those little bacteria in your gut work their magic.

From The Kitchn with a few changes
Yields 8 side servings


For the cabbage:
1 head of cabbage
canola or grapeseed oil

For the dressing:
1/4 c. lime juice (~1.5 thorougly juiced medium limes for me)
1/3 lime, zested
1 tsp fish sauce
1/2 tsp cayenne
2 garlic cloves, very finely minced or crushed
1/4 c. cilantro, stems removed and finely chopped
3/4 tsp honey
1/4 c. extra virgin olive oil
salt to taste


For the cabbage:
1.  Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.
2.  Cut your head of cabbage into 8 wedges.
3.  Arrange wedges in a single layer on baking sheet or pan.
4.  Brush wedges with canola or grapeseed oil.
5.  Roast cabbage for ~20 minutes, or until edges have browned and cabbage is tender but not mushy.

For the dressing:
If you have a food processor, combine all dressing ingredients except salt and pulse until well combined.  Add salt to taste.

If you don’t have a food processor:
1.  Combine all the dressing ingredients listed above from lime juice through honey.
2.  Whisk in the olive oil until combined with the other ingredients.
3.  Add salt to taste.  Adjust other ingredients to taste.

Drizzle wedges with dressing and enjoy!


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